Back in Berlin

Monday 28/05/2018 to Wednesday 30/05/2018:

The last week has started. I had not much to do, so I wrote my blog about the weekend.

I had got a few minor tasks to do, but all about Cypress and mostly fixing some scripts. The back-end code and parts of the front-end changed, so the tests won’t work anymore. At first I had to figure out what they supposed to do and after that, I had to find the button, fields or with whatever they interacted before. The name of these fields changed, so Cypress won’t highlight it anymore and can’t interact with them.
It was quite complex to analyze the code and fixing the issues.

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Tom finally got a visit

Our last weekend has passed.

Friday 25/05/2018:

Tom took a day off, because he expected a visitor from Germany. He arrived at 05:00 PM, so I wasn’t able to go with Tom and pick him up. But after Tom took him home, his friend Yannik, Tom and I went to a local pub, The Autobahn. It was a nice evening, both had a lot to talk about the past school time and what their school friends doing now. I got to know Yannik better, he is living near Frankfurt now, because of his apprenticeship at Lufthansa.

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Don’t count the days, make the days count

We saw these words written on a building at the weekend. I thought it fits pretty well.

Friday 18/05/2018:

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Tom and I had the day off.
We packed our backpacks for the weekend and went to the City. At 02:00 PM, we had tickets for the new Deadpool 2 in the IMAX theater. Hilarious movie, so funny to watch and yes, the R-Rating was necessary.

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Maritime Weekend

Saturday 12/05/2018:

We started our weekend slowly. The only thing we planned for this day was a short trip to City Centre, to make a little shopping trip. Paul was staying on his boat for the weekend and Mary was busy too. So we slept in and started our day at noon.
We walked around the City, from shop to shop and shopping centre after shopping centre. Both of us got what we are looking for.
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A long weekend with my sister

Friday evening:

At this Friday, we decided to meet with Sabine, our instructor from work at Germany.
She is here for one week to spend her vacation in Dublin, Ireland. We met at Alfie Byrnes, a pub and restaurant in Dublin City. Luckily Sabine and her husband arrived early enough to get a seating area outside. The temperature was rising up to 21°C. A really enjoying evening. All of us, (Dorian, Tobi, Tom and I) were talking about our jobs, our time we spent here and what we had visited already. We had a nice chat and stayed until the sun went down behind buildings.

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My monotonous week of work

Tuesday 01/05/2018 and Wednesday 02/05/2018:

My week started on Tuesday, because yesterday I got a day off.
We had to check out early in this morning and went with our baggage to the bus station. The plan for today was, that I would take my suit case to work and she would come with my to City Centre and explores the city on her own. So that we can meet after work and go to the airport. Her flight will depart at 06:00 PM. That was the plan. Supposedly the bus will need 40 minutes to Dublin City. So I thought the bus which will arrive at 08:00 AM near the hotel, will take me punctual to work.
Yea, no, the bus arrived 20 minutes later. But hey, it is the Dublin Bus, so I don’t know why I thought everything will work.
On the way to work, the bus stucked in traffic and I arrived nearly 30 minutes later at work as I usually do.

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A beautiful weekend

The weekend started already Friday evening.
I packed my little suitcase and Mary and Paul brought me to the airport, because my girlfriend was arriving this evening. It was her bithday present for me, to stay over the weekend until Tuesday.
Her flight arrived at 07:45 PM and I was really early at the airport because I was really excited to see her.
We had to get over to her booked hotel, The Green Isle in the west of Dublin. It took us a while to figure out which bus is driving close to it.
We arrived at 10:00 PM at the hotel.
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